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Here is a little about the people behind Creative Pen Design
My name is John T Charlier and I am the owner of Creative Pen Design, I am a Technical Sergeant in the US Air Force, I have been on Active Duty 14 years now and hope to make a 20 year career out of it. I am married to my beautiful wife of 11years.  I have 2 amazing boys currently ages 4 and 7 that are very active in sports, school and whatever else they can get there little fingers into (good or bad).  My  youngest son loves to watch me build stuff and has to personally inspect every single new pen (my wife does too).  I have been woodworking for 15 years now building everything from entertainment centers, curio cabinets, fish tank stands, children's furniture, artwork (intarsia), military shadow boxes and much much more.
Initially I began making pens like every other hobby, doing it for fun, keeping some but giving away most of my work as gifts.  Well turns out making pens is very addicting and people around me where I work began asking to purchase them.  From that point things have begun to spiral out of control, I've made a couple hundred pens and can't wait to turn some more. 
My brother Dean ( a software engineer) twisted my arm into starting a web site, Carpenters and Computers don't always see eye-to-eye so I can honestly say I don't think a web site would have been in my future without him.  Well....since he got me into the web site......I got him into penturning!!  He learns very fast, his pens are looking great and I hope to add his pens to this site very very soon.
My Brother in-law Richard Joyner ( a mechanical engineer) gets to share some of the blame.  He is also a woodworker and actually has had a lathe much longer than myself.  He has been making bowls, vases and other misc wood turnings. During one of my visits to his home we tossed some lumber on the lathe and made a huge mess, this was the point I decided to by my own lathe.  Good news is that like any good brother, he helped hook me into the lathe so.......I got him making pens and now we have added his pens to this site.  Having Richard's pens out here offers more pens for everyone to enjoy and collect.
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