Pen Care

Wood and Acrylic pen care

Wood Pen Care

Your New Pen is made from natural Wood. As with any fine instrument made from wood some care must be taken to maintain the beauty and the structural integrity of this Handmade Classic.

First, a few things not to do.

Do Not leave your pen in the car. The temperature extremes experienced in a car can damage or destroy your writing instrument. Treat it as you would any fine, delicate instrument. Although it can withstand a lifetime of use it will not tolerate abuse.

Do Not use cleaning fluids or any abrasive substance (car wax) on any part of your new writing instrument. The fluids and/or abrasives will damage fine finish.

Do care for your writing instrument the way you would any fine wooden product. Product it with a light coat of good furniture paste wax designed for wooden products. After proper drying buff with a soft, clean cloth.

Do keep your pen from extremes of heat and cold. Both are enemies of wood. Many Burls and Rosewoods are very heat sensitive. Protect it and it will deliver years of service.

Do use your pen. It is designed to be written with not placed in a drawer.

Acrylic Pen Care

The Acrylics shown in the products area are man made products.

These materials are more tolerant to extreme heat & cold and therefore more stable in these conditions.

However DO NOT drop your pen, these materials are more brittle and can crack or chip if dropped.

Do use plastic polish to revive the luster, also a quality rubbing compound can buff out light scratches.

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