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Welcome to Creative Pen Designs Gallery page.

Below with will find a random assortment of some of the unique pens I have created in the past, these pens all represent personnel accomplishments I have had during the joy of creating one-of-a-kind pens.

You will notice that most of the pens in this gallery are segmented, however I make a large number of solid wood pens too.

Image I gave this Cigar pen to my father for his birthday.  This segmented pen was made with African Blackwood and Pink Ivory with Aluminium accents.
This Cigar pen had a very sleek look segmented in all Acrylic with Aluminium accents. The Red Acrylic in the top half really grabbed the eye. Image
Image This Cigar is one on best visually appealing fully segmented pens I think I've done.  Made with African Blackwood, Bloodwood, Curly Maple and Aluminium on a Satin Silver Frame.
WOW,  this was one very complicated pen.  All I remember doing was cutting, gluing, flipping and turning to get this Jr. Statesman together, very busy but very intriguing.  Ebony, Bloodwood, Curly Maple and Aluminium. Image
Image This is the pen I'm currently carrying.  the Jr. Statesman was segmented together with 12 pieces of Acrylic in 3 colors and 10 strips of Aluminium.
This was a crazy idea I had with a box full of left over scraps.  I know there was over 40 pieces to this very slim Slimline, I'm just glad I have all my fingers left. Image
Image This Cigar was my very first mix of Acrylic, Wood and Aluminium.  I was very pleased although I recall taking several, several attempts to figure out what kind of finish to apply over the pen.
I have to include 3 pictures to try to show off this pen.  In order to make this pen I had to cut it apart in one sequence and rebuild the opposite direction while adding in the Aluminium and solid black color. Image
Image This trio set of cigars was a lot of fun.  I started with 4 different colored blocks of Acrylic and cut them up into small multi-angle pieces, after randomly gluing them back together I cut them all apart again to glue in the solid black accents.  A very unique set!!
This is a close up shot of a jet black Cigar made with Bloodwood and African Blackwood, the aluminium really stands out on this pen! Image
Image This is a Black Titanium Jr. Gent made with African Blackwood and Pink Ivory, the Aluminium accents tied to the Rhodium top and center band beautifully.  This was a very elegant pen.
This Copper Cigar was testing how close I could effectively get the segments together,  made with Purpleheart, Paduak and Curly Maple.
Image This Black Titanium Jr. Gent had most people wondering how I randomly inlaid bands of aluminium around the Purpleheart pen so perfectly.
This Platinum Cigar was created before I began to use aluminium for accents.  Great Blackwood, Bloodwood and Curly Maple.  This pen had a very clean look, sharp colors perfect fit. Very nice pen. Image
Image This Gold Jr. Statesman was made with an amazing piece of Cocobolo and unfortunately proves that pictures do not do these pens justice.  This was one of the most amazing solid wood pens I've ever turned!!!
This Cigar pen was made from a Corn Cob, soaked in glue and turned on the lathe.  This pen used ALOT of glue but the finished pen has a very intriguing look. Image
Image This Cigar pen was made from a Florida White tail Deer, I was surprised how well the bone turned on the lathe, however it definitely smelled pretty bad when sanded.  This pen was very heavy!!
This pen was made from a Pine Cone.  Yep a Pine cone.  Had unique challenges but also has a very unique look.
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